Yamaguchi City, a prefectural capital of the Yamaguchi Prefecture, is located in the westernmost part of mainland Japan. It is the center of prefectural politics, education, and culture.
In the Middle Ages, Ouchi Culture flourished under Lord Ouchi who had the most power in the western part of Japan. The fragrance from ancient times still remains to this day at the National Treasure Rurikoji Temple, Five Storied Pagoda, Sesshu Garden, and Ichinosaka River.
It has a rich natural environment like the calm Seto Inland Sea, comforting forest, splendid canyon, and is blessed by its stress relieving fragrance of nature.
In addition, there is a historical hot spring, Yudaonsen, which is loved by cultural figures, and is popular for its skin-care bath.
This hot spring is out from the city, and of course you can take a bath; there are also footbaths, which you can put your legs in.
Feel the Japanese history and culture that you can only experience in Yamaguchi, and comfort yourself with nature and hot springs when you visit Yamaguchi.

What is Yamaguchi City like?

One of the three most outstanding pagodas in Japan (Five-Storied Pagoda) the Rurikoji Temple and the Five-Storied Pagoda. Both in which are known to be a National Treasure.
It is the first city that celebrated Christmas in all of Japan.
The City, which Sesshu had lived in for a long time, and in which he created a garden.
Oidemase Yamaguchi
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