Recommendation Sightseeing Spots

Recommendation Sightseeing Spots

JŌEIJI TEMPLE’S GARDENS (Historical site & site of scenic beauty)


he history of this remarkable Japanese garden dates back to about 500 years ago. Masahiro Ōuchi, the then feudal lord of Yamaguchi, asked the famous artist and zen monk Sesshū Tōyō to design the landscape around his leisure residence. With time, after the dwelling was rebuilt as a buddhist temple, the garden came to be known as “Sesshū-tei” (Sesshū’s garden). Surrounded by a mountain wood in three of its sides, the garden can be explored through a pathway. On the opposing side, the visitors can also contemplate Joeiji’s “dry landscape” zen garden.

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2001 Miyano-shimo Yamaguchi city

Opening hours

8:00 to 17:00 (until 16:30 from November to March) Admission ends 30 minutes before closing time.

Admission fee

300 yen (adults) 200 yen (junior/high school students) 100 yen (elementary school students)

AccessAbout 16 min. by foot from Miyano Station (JR Yamaguchi line)

Government-designated digs at ruins are recognized as highly valuable in terms of history and academics by the country. Places that are designated as scenic beauty by the country are noted as scholarly and highly valuable. Both of them are under stipulated officially designated by Cultural Assets Preservation Act.

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