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There are many hot springs in Yamaguchi city, starting with Yudaonsen hot springs, which is for the skin’s beauty and told to be found by a white fox.

Accommodations ・ Hot Springs

Yudaonsen / Yuda Hot Spring

Long ago, a white fox was putting his leg into a pond to cure himself, and this pond became a hot spring. This story became a legend of Yudaonsen, and it is called the white fox legend, and has been told for generations. Even now there are many white fox statues in the Yudaonsen area.
This hot spring is an alkaline hot spring, which is said to have blended seamlessly into people’s skin, and it’s also called the “Beautiful Skin Hot Spring.”

There are six “foot baths” in the Yudaonsen area, and everyone is free to use them.

Yudaonsen Map(PDF)

A map with Yudaonsen Tourist Information Center as a present location

Other Hot Springs

There are not only the Yudaonsen hot springs, but other hot springs in Yamaguchi city as well. There are more relaxing hot springs dotted that welcome you to the city.


There is a popular natural outside hot spring bath, which is in a prime location overlooking the Seto Inland Sea.
(Closed until June 30, 2018)

Ajisu Hot Spring

This hot spring has one of the highest contained levels of radium in Japan.

Ganjyoju Hot Springs

This hot spring is located in a rich natural environment at a roadside station.


There are many accommodations in Yamaguchi City mainly in the Yudaonsen area. Please stay and make your trip memorable.

You can make a reservation from here.

Youth Hostels in Yamaguchi City

Paltopia Yamaguchi TEL.083-923-6088

Yamaguchi Youth Hostel Yamaguchi Kokasya TEL. 083-928-0057

Foot baths / Yunokaori Street Aiosou

Tourism Information Centers

Shin-Yamaguchi Tourism Information Center

JR Shin-Yamaguchi Station is the gateway of the Yamaguchi Prefecture. There is a tourism information center on the second floor, Shinkansen side, near waiting room

Open 9:00~18:00
TEL 083-972-6373
Address (2F Shin-Yamaguchi Station Shinkansen Exit) 1357 Shimogo Ogori, Yamaguchi City
Bussiness Holiday None
Parking Space Available(Shin-Yamaguchi Parking Lot First 15 minutes for Free)
Yamaguchi Tourist Information Center

Yamaguchi Tourist Information Center

Yamaguchi Tourist Information Center is located on the first floor of the JR Yamaguchi Station. We will lead you mainly around Yamaguchi Central and other touristic information.

Open 9:00~18:00
TEL 083-933-0090
Address (1F Yamaguchi Station) 2-1 Sodayucho, Yamaguchi City
Business Holiday None
Parking Space Available
Note Computers
Yudaonsen Tourist Information Center

Yudaonsen Tourist Information Center

Yudaonsen Tourist Information Center is located in the middle of the Yudaonsen area. It is a bright building, which is covered with glass and has a friendly ambience.

Open 9:00~19:00
TEL Tourism Information / 083-901-0150 Accommodation / 083-922-1811
Address 2-1-23 Yudaonsen, Yamaguchi City
Business Holiday None
Parking Spaces 3
Note Bathroom ・ Computer
Kozan Park Tourism Information Center

Kozan Park Tourism Information Center

This tourism information center opened in April 2008 and is located in front of Kozan Park, which is home to the National Treasures of Rurikoji Temple and Five Storied Pagoda.

Open 9:00~18:00
TEL 083-934-6630
Address 6-11 Kozancho, Yamaguchi City
Business Holiday None
Parking Space Available
Note Bathrooms ・ Computers
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